Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is a type of sheet metal which has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern (often diamond-shaped) of metal mesh-like material. It is commonly used for fences and grates, and as metallic lath to support plaster or stucco.

Expanded Metal Mesh is produced in different forms in large variety of materials to suit wide range of application both as filter elements and filter support. The mesh is cut or perforated from metal sheets and is stretched to form a jointless grill in one piece with no interweaves or joints.

Expanded Mesh is available in various shapes such as Diamond shaped aperture in material such as M. S., Stainless Steel, G. I. Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, and other special alloys. It is known widely for the it’s level of sturdiness, resistance to corrosion and high durability. We provide dimensionally accurate mesh extensively used for grating purpose and other industrial purposes such as for filtration purposes in strainers, food grain, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Available in thickness up to 8mm in various widths available.