Wirenetting Machines


ModelJEW 1001JEW 1002JEW 1003
Max. Welding width (mm)155012502550
Line Wire Spacing (mm)25-25015-7525.300
Cross Wire Spacing (mm)
(steplessly adjustable)
Range of Line Wires (mm)2-51.25-2.52.5-8
Range of Cross Wire (mm)2-51.25-2.52.5-8
Max. Welding speed per Min.808060
Power load (QCVA)20075300
Weight (approx)315043006500


  • Thyristor Control Panel
  • D.C. Drive Control Panel
  • Coiling machine
  • Wire Straighting and Cutting off machine
  • Line wire Straightner
  • Take of roller


Set the desired Welding points. Press the starter “Oa’. The line wires from the pay of standrswift standing on the rear side of the machine are drawn through wire straightner. Cross wire duly pre-straighten and cut to length are dropped from the rack standinng on the top of the welding station. The line and cross wires are rythimically welded as desired. The speed of welding are controlled through the respective control panels.


JEW HEX WIRE NETTING MACHINE has a feature in circular penion holder on the front and the rear of the machine. The wires which are fed from the Bobbins and also from the spiral Coil Wire (prepared in spiral coiling Machine ) Placed on the front and rear rack of the machine produces the netting, then pulled out by a take-up roller which stands on surfaceof the machine and wound automatically on the winding roller.

When the length of netting comes to Pre-determind length, the same is cut and removed from the roller. Then the operation starts again. The standard machine is capable of producing netting width upto maximum 2mt.

JEW HEX NETTING MACHINES for different mesh sizes are available.
Please be sure and inform us of the following :

  • Electric Source : voltage / Cycle
  • Wire to be used
  • Wire range & mesh of netting
  • Width & length per Roll
  • Desired production quantity and size of netting
  • Floor space of your factory, which will help us to Cooperate for layout planning


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd. during its journey for the last one decade has made a name in making various types of Wire Netting Machines.
JEW Is a name and watch word for the future generation for reliability, quality for perfect wire working machines. The progressive machines are manufactured with high precision. The machines are robustly built to ensure long life of the same . Raw materials are selected with careful quality control.
JEW provides solution to all wire netting industry.
JEW Standard Twisted Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine is an unique improved quality machine which has a distinction of excellent productivity. The Machine produces netting from spiral coil and from pre-coiled bobbins. The tensile Strength is adequate, both in cross and longitudinal directions. Each machine is capable of making single type Mesh of different guages.
Preparetory machine :- One set each of Spiral Coiling Machine and Bobbin Winding Machine are required to run the main unit.


ModelJEW 101
Max. width capacity (M)2
Max. thickness of wire (G)20(0.91 mm)
No of stroke per minute65
Power of Motor (1400 RPM) (HP)3
Size of Machine (L xWx H)M3.2 x 2x 1.1
Production capacity in 8hrs.
1 x 45mtrs. (in rolls)
Net Weight (Approx.) (KG.)2500
Gross packing weight
Shipping volume approx. (M3)7000


  • Spiral Machine
  • Bobbin machine
  • Bobbin Winding machine


JEW PERFORATED SHEET METAL MACHINE is robustly built and highly reliable so far the performances are concerned. The machine is very compact and elegant.


The Sheet is fed to the machine by means of Roller system mechanism. The die is preloaded on to the machine as earlier determined. After feeding the sheet the upper section of the machine starts stroking. As per the set die the sheet is being perforated and at the same time the material is advanced by the amount of the perforated pitch set with the next stroke of the slide, the same cycle is repeated i.e., perforating – stitching – feeding. The entire working is automatic until it is stopped by the operator.


Perforation widthAs per capacity
Dia of HoleAs per die
Thickness of SheetAs per requirement
Die provided1 No. with each machine


Light machine 2.2 KVA
Medium machine 8 KVA
Heavy machine 15 KVA


Shown here is of Model No. J-105. It is a very efficient and high production capacity machine fully operat¬ed by power.

Salient Features :
Mesh Capacity = 1 ‘ to 6″
Wire dia = 8 gauge to 14 gauge.
Raw material required = G. I., M. S., Stainless Steel etc.
Space required = 14′ x 10’
Power required = 3 H. P. A. C. Motor 960 R.P.M.
Rate of production is 400 kgs. ( per 8 full hours) for 2″ Mesh with wire dia 8 gauge for G.I. soft wire.
Approximate weight = 750 kg


  • Rigid Construction
  • Compact Design
  • High Productivity
  • Easy Maintenance


JEW Expanded Metal Machine is most dependable and high quality machine which serves for production of metal mesh. A semi-finished products or construction elements made of Steel Aluminium. Brass and other Non-ferrous metal sheet formed into mesh by cutting in and stretching


The sheet is feed into the blades by means of Roller Systems Mechanism. A toothed upp3r blade cuts the sheet in conjunction with the straight Stationary Lower Blade at right angle to the feed direction in such a way that a web of a certain width remains standing which is stretched when the upper Blade goes down.
On the back stroke of the slide. the upper tool carrier is displaced by half the distance between the teeth of the blade. At the same time the material is advanced by the amount of the web width set. with the next stroke of the slide, same cycle is repeated, i.e. Cutting-Stretchning-Feeding. The entire working is automatic.


TYPE Model
Speed(Strokes)per min6060
Motor requiredhp.7.530
Net weight (approx.)ton.313

*Production capacity (in 8 hours shift.) 20 mm. Mesh 150 mtr


List of items Manufactured by us :-
● Weldedmesh Plant ● Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine ● Expanded Metal Making Machine
● Spiral Winding Machine ● Bobbin Winding Machine ● Universal Wire Weaving Machine
● Beaming Carriage Machine ● Finished Wire-Cloth Winding Machine ● Perforation Machine OChainlink Fencing Making Machine ● Wire Crimping Machine ● Wire Drawing Machine
● Galvanisied Wire Plant Machine.


are particularly suitable for the production of Barbed Wire to Indian Standard or any other specifications.

Two wires are Fed from Reel stands as line wires another two wires positioned one on each side of the machine, the cross wires are Fed which are cut at a level to form the points and are bent round each of the longitudinal strands resulting in four barbs being wound round the longitudinal wires. The parallel strand with the barbs passes through star type guide rolls to the bobbin carried by the winding frame. Machine may produce “IOWA” & “GLIDDEN” type barbed wire and the pitch of barbs from 3″ to 6″ apart with minor adjustment.


Length of the Machine2200 mm
Width of the Machine1100 mm
Height of the Machine1300 mm
Weight of the Machine1100 kgs (Approx)
Space Required2.5 X 7.5 mtrs
Power Required5 H.P – 1440 R.P.M
Rated Production Capacity800 Kgs/8h rs Based on 12 X 2 Swg
Range of Production12 X 12. 12 X 14, 14 X 14

The above Technical Features are subject to modification without notice to increase the output of the machine.

” We also make as per customer’s specifications and drawings. “